We design and develop eLearning courses, which combine the highest educational standards and the latest production values. Our eLearning courses will run on your own Learning Management System (LMS). For eLearning to be a truly integral part of your overall training and development strategy, we believe it needs to be customized specifically to your organization’sneeds.

We can design and create individual eLearning courses or entire programme for you. We focus on educational excellence and the highest production values within our eLearning content creation to make powerful and engaging courses and supporting content.We design and develop HTML5-based eLearning across a range of devices – from desktops and laptops, to the latest tablet and mobile devices.

Our expertise in designing responsive eLearning allows us to create single versions of eLearning courses that change layout depending on the learner’s device – enabling eLearning to be delivered to the widest range of learners.